Get Found with Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Get found by customers within your location with Local SEO.

Make Your Local Small Business Stand Out

Drive Quality Local Leads

Drive more quality leads to your website with advanced local audience targeting.

Enhanced Visibility

Enhanced visibility on local listings and citations allows your business to build a reputation among your target customers.

Competitive Advantage

A strong local presence provides your business the upper hand over the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Local SEO ensures that your business gets found by the most relevant customers to your business, the people living near your business. We make sure you’re listed in the different directories relevant to your business and in key directories used such as Google My Business, Yelp, and Bing Local.
We only guarantee the work, not the rankings. While we will work to ensure that your business has the best keyword selection and strategy, competition, industry movements, and Google Updates can and will affect the results of your SEO Campaign.
To get your business ranking in your location, we optimize your relevance and promince with Google through directory listings, content creation, outreach and techinal website optimization.
First, we make sure that your website is relevant to the business and location you are targeting through implementation of local schema, on-page optimization, and content creation. We also implement Google tools into your website such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to allow you to track the success of your campaign. Finally, we work monthly on your directory listings and link building through manual directory submission and blog outreach.
We recommend packages depending on how difficult it is to rank for that keyword in your location and the competition you have for that keyword. Generally, we advise starting with Local Silver. Please talk to us more to go over your options.
Local SEO ensures that your business is found by customers with your geographic location searching for your solutions. These are potential customers that are already ready to convert and are just looking for your business. You lose money every time they search for your business online and you cannot be found.

Local SEO Services & Pricing

We recommend a campaign length of Six Months


Local SEO
$ 750 per month
  • 5 Targeted Keywords
  • 2 additional citations
  • 5 Pages Optimised
  • 1 Page Copywriting (350 Words)
  • 5 Title Tags Optimised
  • 5 Meta Keywords Optimised
  • 5 URL Rewrites
  • 1 Magazine/News Placement
  • 5 Additional Business Listings
  • 1 Keyword Group
  • 1000 Keyword Search Volume


Local SEO
$ 1200 per month
  • 10 Targeted Keywords
  • 5 additional citations
  • 10 Pages Optimised
  • 3 Page Copywriting (350 Words)
  • 10 Title Tags Optimised
  • 10 Meta Keywords Optimised
  • 10 URL Rewrites
  • 1 Magazine/News Placement
  • 1 Blog post Outreach
  • 10 Additional Business Listings
  • 2 Keyword Group
  • 2000 Keyword Search Volume


Local SEO
$ 1995 per month
  • 20 Targeted Keywords
  • 10 additional citations
  • 20 Pages Optimised
  • 7 Page Copywriting (350 Words)
  • 20 Title Tags Optimised
  • 20 Meta Keywords Optimised
  • 20 URL Rewrites
  • 2 Magazine/News Placement
  • 1 Blog Post Outreach
  • Press Release Submission
  • 20 Additional Business Listings
  • 4 Keyword Group
  • 4000 Keyword Search Volume


Local SEO
$ 2895 per month
  • 30 Targeted Keywords
  • 15 additional citations
  • 30 Pages Optimised
  • 10 Page Copywriting (350 Words)
  • 30 Title Tags Optimised
  • 30 Meta Keywords Optimised
  • 30 URL Rewrites
  • 2 Magazine/News Placement
  • 2 Blog Post Outreach
  • Press Release Submission
  • 30 Additional Business Listings
  • 6 Keyword Group
  • 6000 Keyword Search Volume

Hosted & fully maintaind for just $75 per month!